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Miracles Shmiracles

While in the middle of laughing to one of my favorite sitcoms, I receive a text message from my Broda; otherwise known as a brother figure who's taught me a thing or two about men like the Grand Master… *insert Star Wars theme song* … YODA!

(Not that Yoda teaches about men, but you get my point.)

And "Taught me, He has!" (But that's not the point.)

So in beeped his clean-cut question: “Do you believe in miracles?”

*Star Wars theme song CD scratches to a halt*

I kept pressing the down button to see if it was a forwarded joke, but scrolling up the SMS galaxy were just those words. Nothing else followed. As if reading my mind, he texted shortly after to acknowledge how weird and random the question was, and to inform me that he also really needed my opinion.

Not meaning to harsh his mellow, I casually answered with a “Not really, why?”

Our conversation ended there. At least for blog’s sake, it did.

In the face of cynicism, it was hard to believe miracles happened on a day-to-day basis. ‘Cause if it did, Heath Ledger would still be alive and asking me to marry him right now! Miracles are violations to the law of nature. Sometimes, they are God-willed contraventions through experiences like transubstantiation and all that jazz. (And yes… I kinda’ had to google that.)

I thanked Webster for informing me that a miracle is “2. an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.” Throwing the possibility of Heath Ledger's resurrection out the window, I began to mentally list down all the so-called "miracles" in my life:

1. December 2006 - A cab driver returned my wallet, with the help of my address printed on the back of my I.D. Since I was holding public funds for a college group project, I almost fainted when I thought I had lost it. (Try living in Manila and you’ll know how impossible this should have been!)

2. March 2009 - My father survived a cerebral stroke. I was told only 15% of stroke patients made it to see another sun rise. I almost fainted after crying buckets of tears.

3. September 2009 - Jeff "Phi" Nguyen from the Jabbawockeez blew me a kiss during their first Live concert in Manila. This IS a miracle, Gaddammit! (Your honor, to testify on such incident, I invite Ms. Billie Princesa to the witness stand!)

Yes, this was me before I almost fainted.

Simultaneously, I started thinking of all the wonderful things that began to unfold and narrate themselves to me: Surviving the most painful and tormenting break-up with a man I loved for four years… Getting into law school… Saying the words “I love you” to my father for the very first time… Traveling to Chile to see my very first llama… (Shut up!)… Nailing Beyoncé’s “Listen” without my voice cracking during another drunken karaoke night… Forgiving a friend who had gravely wronged me…

With this in mind, the great things started becoming simpler things. I appreciated the fact that I had God, family, and friends... when others didn’t. I appreciated the fact that I still had my ability to think, to feel, and to love. (Sorry, getting preachy here.)

Then it hit me. I still had a heartbeat!


The heart pulse monitor beeps, and my electrocardiogram readings have glowing green mountains! A car could’ve slammed into me today, and I could’ve been the freak accident on tomorrow's headlines. But noooo! I was still thinking, feeling and breathing. I am given the chance every single day to accomplish my dreams, atone for my slip-ups, and eat a weed brownie! BOO-YAH! (Okay, kidding about the last one… … Or not.)

Sure, it may sound like something we’ve all heard before, but truly understanding the overlooked gravity of still living, I understood that once my green beeping line goes flat, my greatest miracle will cease to exist… Now I don't know about them emos, but I don't mind prancing about seven feet above the ground. I'd rather struggle through my everyday problems, than be asleep for good.

Think about it.

Miracles happen everyday, and it does not need to be as grand as winning a million dollars overnight or seeing someone levitate. (Though either would still be like… super awesome.)

“To me, every hour of the day and night
is an unspeakable perfect miracle.”
- Walt Whitman

(And who knows, Broda—you just might be able to telekinetically move objects or deflect force lightning one of these days; but for now, just blend in with the rest of the world, psychoanalyze the shit out of people like you normally would and help them out—one heart at a time. Weeeeee!)


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