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Hit Me With Your Best Line

Is it so much to ask for someone to talk sense when they want to “get to know” you?

Seriously. Neurons are there for a reason, people. And it’s not just to beat The Tank twice on another round of that Left For Dead game, or for memorizing porn hotlines to call when everyone else is asleep.

There’s just got to be a better line than “Madalas ka dito?” (You come here often?) at the local bar. There are over a thousand words and expressions in the English/Tagalog language. As weird as it may sound, I’d rather hear “I took a piss in a beer bottle once” (while pointing at my bottle even!) than the typical “What will the lady have tonight?” line. It’s no better than the virtual “a/s/l?” - (Thank Gawhd for the escape button!)

Why? Because substantial-slash-funny men who know how to win their way through conversations will always be sexier than shit-faced jocks who know no more than to fix their gelled hair with every chance they get (a.k.a pass by their own reflection.) At least, in my book.

Idealistic? Maybe.
And yes, I'm aware of the fact that I'm not the smartest person alive to be demanding so much.

I’d just hate to think that it only happens in movies when some random male specie wins the female by witty repartee. Pandas rub their asses as high as they can on trees to get laid; and all humans need to do is take breath mint and talk sense.

But then again, that's just me. So yeah, I agree! The weather is nice. LOL.


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